Day Treatment & School Programs

Pregnant and parenting young women who live in the community can access school, programs, and on-site supports through the Day Program.  Nutritious lunch and snacks are provided daily.


St. Martin’s Manor is committed to helping young parents be the best person they can be.  We offer programs that will make you feel good about yourself as you work towards reaching your goals.


The Hamilton Wentworth Catholic District School Board provides an on-site classroom offering a range of grade 9-12 credits.  The teachers are knowledgeable about the unique needs of young parents.  Additionally, young parents attend weekly prenatal programs, parenting programs, and life skills programs. They can also access a variety of services and supports including Individual & Family Counselling, one to one parenting support, community resources such as Ontario Works /Learning Earning & Parenting (LEAP), Substance Use Counselling, and Health care professionals.