Healthy Wallet, Wealthy Mind

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Carizon Family & Community Services is proud to present a unique interactive course which bridges the gap between financial and mental health and wellbeing by equipping families with the emotional and practical skills and knowledge to achieve greater financial independence.

The group will weave emotional wellbeing and clinical therapy into traditional financial education, exploring the cycle of finances impacting mental health, which in turn influences financial behavior. This will be a 6-week program (2 hours, 1 day a week) in small virtual group sessions, where participants can practice skills being taught.

Participants will be educated on basic financial literacy skills, such as understanding savings, budgeting and debt management and will also increase their understanding and skill to better manage financial stress, depression, negative thought patterns, emotional triggers to spending, communication with children and partners, self-efficacy and overall mental health and wellbeing.

Many people in our community struggle to break even every month and lack the practical skill and emotional ability to take charge of their finances while regulating the emotions that come with facing financial debt and insecurity.