Gatekeepers Program - Hamilton

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The Hamilton Gatekeepers Program is an initiative of Catholic Family Services that works in conjunction with health and social service community partners to identify seniors living in severe self-neglect, known as “Diogenes Syndrome.” This service is intended to increase access to support services for vulnerable and at-risk seniors and prevent the need for other services such as hospitalization and long term care.


Overview of Services and Goals


  • Ultimate goal is to improve quality of life and increase overall health and well-being

  • Client-centered approach to assist seniors living in severe self-neglect to access support services; otherwise described as “opening the gate to services”

  • Decrease isolation

  • Increase safety within the home (link with services to decrease safety risks associated with tripping hazards, blocked fire exits, pests, etc.)


Client criteria:

  • 60 years of age and over 


Clients typically display:

  • Signs of extreme personal neglect: poor hygiene, body odour, wearing dirty or inappropriate clothing

  • Signs of extreme domestic neglect: home is in severe disrepair, bad odours, excessive clutter, neglected pets, and lack of food

  • Signs of excessive hoarding

  • Social withdrawal

  • Refusal of assistance

  • Lack of concern about living conditions