Toddler Program

Children between the ages of 18 months and 2 ½ years are welcomed into our toddler program.

The toddler room is often a child’s first experience of independence.  Children are encouraged to feed and dress themselves to the best of their abilities with our Registered Early Childhood Educators assisting them when needed.  Activities are planned after careful observation of the children’s interests and developmental levels. 

All toddlers are provided with a morning and afternoon snack, a lunchtime meal and fresh fruit and water are available at all times throughout the day.  Children who have special diets due to religious or medical restrictions are accommodated by our cooks.

For information on how to add your child’s name to our wait list please contact Sherri Brown at 905-575-7500 ext. 318 or by email at



Little Boy Playing Doctor
Hands on Slime