Caring Dads

The Caring Dads program intervenes with fathers identified as at-risk for using abuse in their relationships with their partner and their children, in order to increase the safety and healthy functioning of the family. Caring Dads responds to the needs of children who have experienced or been exposed to their fathers' use of abusive behaviour, by providing opportunities for these fathers to examine the impacts of their actions on their family; and to generate safer and more effective child-centered parenting strategies. The Caring Dads program intends to meet these objectives by:


  1. Generating opportunities to cultivate insight and awareness to the impact of one's use of abuse on their partners, children and the overall health of the family.

  2. Providing education and informal training in child-centered parenting strategies to men identified as at risk for unhealthy parenting behaviour

  3. Using a combination of clinical and educational approaches to enhance accountability while acknowledging the ongoing impacts of potentially traumatic experiences in group members' own lives.

  4. Providing support and resources to the mothers of the children each father is parenting.


  • Create opportunities to increase accountability in the community among men who rely on abusive problem-solving behaviours in their relationships

  • Strengthen partnerships with other community members invested in reducing the frequency and problematic impacts of using violence against women

  • Acknowledge and work towards reducing the negative impacts of limited programming available in Hamilton for men and fathers

  • Decrease the burden of accountability placed on survivors of domestic violence by offering a diversity of programming for men who have used abuse

  • Create opportunities for fathers to acknowledge their use of abuse, consider the impacts and learn new, healthier strategies for parenting and partnering.


PLEASE NOTE:  There is a mandatory mother contact component to the Caring Dads program.  A counsellor will contact the mothers of children connected to the fathers in group, to provide program information and resources.  No personal disclosures made in group will be shared with mothers unless pertaining to a Duty to Report or other perceived threats to the safety of the mother and/or her children.