Catholic Family Services of Hamilton is a well respected, values driven social services agency that works with a range of clients providing counselling, community connection, and education programs.


The clients supported in these programs include men, women, young, pregnant and parenting women and their partners, infants and seniors with diverse and often complex needs,  people seeking therapeutic counselling, credit counselling, group counselling, violence intervention programs and support for people with developmental disabilities.


People in our community are healthy, happy, and safe.



Catholic Family Services, guided by Catholic values and principles, provides counselling, community connection and education programs so that the quality of life of all people in our diverse community may be improved and strengthened.



C  A  R  E  S


We treat one another with sensitivity, empathy, and kindness, and

provide non-judgmental support without prejudice


We fulfill our commitments and take responsibility for our actions


We treat one another with dignity, honesty, understanding, support, equality, inclusion, and self-determination



We provide exemplary services through innovation, teamwork, best practice, and quality improvement



Our service is timely, relevant and meaningful to the person served